Do Electric Bikes Give You Good Exercise?


The question of whether an electric bike provides good exercise is one that’s been debated extensively. However, studies in the U.S. and Europe agree – electric bikes deliver a quality workout. This is backed by the experience of electric bike owners themselves. Because while some electric bike models have a throttle and can operate without pedaling, every electric bike can be pedaled (most require the rider to pedal for motorized assistance) with as little or as much effort as you choose. When you’re pedaling, you’re getting exercise. It’s as simple as that.

Consider the example of replacing a car with an electric bike for the commute to and from work. In this scenario, you still have the freedom and control of leaving when you want and going where you want as you do with a car, but you’ll exercise twice a day during the commutes instead of sitting idle in a car. You’re pedaling yourself into better shape. Plus, if you want a more challenging workout, simply select a lower electric assist level or pedal harder. The choice is up to you.

Without a doubt, electric bikes make it easier and more fun to get out for a ride. Furthermore, they enable people to do things they may not believe possible on a normal bike, such as commuting without sweating, keeping up with younger or faster riders, powering easily up hills, and experiencing adventure as never before.

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