The Best Electric Bike Battery of 2021

One of the questions we get asked most here at Charge is whether you can ride an electric bike without pedaling. The quick answer is, yes! Both our City and Comfort models are equipped with a 418WH Lithium ion battery with Samsung cells and incorporate a throttle, while our XC Mountain Bike boasts a Shimano E8035 504WH integrated battery to flatten out the rough stuff. Of course, pedaling does increase the battery’s range and offer a better workout, but for many, the option of not pedaling is also appealing. On the City and Comfort, you can use the throttle to get a little boost when you need it most (like cycling up hills!), and with all three models of Charge electric bikes, you can pedal if you want or coast if you don’t up to 20 MPH. But...what makes ours the best electric bike battery?


What Makes Ours the Best Electric Bike Battery?


In addition to offering up to a 50-mile range on a single charge, our batteries are also removable (yet lockable), allowing you to fully charge them at home, at work, or wherever there’s a power outlet. You’ll need at least some battery life in order to continue receiving electric assist, but thanks to our handlebar display, you’ll always be aware of how much power you have left.


What’s more, all Charge e-bike batteries are water resistant, designed to be used for riding in wet conditions. (However, batteries should never be submerged in water or stored in a humid environment, and you’ll want to refer to the battery manuals from the manufacturer that came with your bike for complete use and care instructions.)


If the thought of a sweaty back has ever deterred you from biking to work, or a hilly route makes you think twice about going out for a ride, then a battery-operated bike is the solution for you. By adding an electric motor, we’ve removed many of the barriers to cycling, making bikes even better and more accessible—and not to mention, fun!


New to electric bikes? Take one for a spin by scheduling a test drive, or chat with a team member to find out which model would be best for you.