Tips for keeping your e-bike charged


Charging batteries is a fact of life for every e-bike rider. As the power source for the motor system, the battery is the key to achieving maximum range and performance from your Charge e-bike. With that in-mind, we offer tips for keeping your battery charged and in tip top shape. 

1) Keep it charged – We’ve made it easy to remove and charge your battery, and it takes just a couple hours to get back to a full charge. Get into the habit of charging your battery immediately after every ride and it will always be ready for your next ride.

2) Carry a cable – If you’re a frequent commuter, consider purchasing an extra charging cord to keep at your work/destination, or in your riding bag.

3) Don’t forget your key – It’s the one thing you absolutely need to remove the battery from your bike for charging.

4) Storage considerations – Charge your battery fully prior to any storage. If you store your bike in a garage or shed, it’s a good idea to remove the battery and store it in the house, or another temperature-controlled environment. Exposure to very hot or very cold temperatures can compromise battery performance and/or shorten its lifespan.

Don’t let a dead battery dampen your enthusiasm to get out and ride. Keep it charged and you’ll always be good to go.


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