Why Commute by E-Bike? Easy



One of the best things about e-bikes is how easy and fun they make short trips and commutes. There are few better ways to start the day than effortlessly pedaling to your destination with fresh air and freedom. You arrive sweat-free and on-point. And nothing beats unwinding from your workday by pedaling home afterward, arriving reinvigorated and ready for the evening.


When commuting by e-bike, you have the freedom to choose a different route from vehicle traffic. Whether you choose side streets, bike paths or trails, or a mix of all of the above, you can often find an e-bike route that’s more efficient than the route you’d take in a car. And compared to public transportation, commuting by e-bike offers much greater route and schedule flexibility.


You get where you need to go, whenever you need to be there. With an e-bike, you’re the master of your own destiny when it comes to personal transportation.


Plus, commuting by e-bike is great for you physical and mental well-being. Thanks to the multiple assist modes, you’re in control of how much work you do. But no matter what, you’re getting out and being active, which beats being stuck in a car, train or bus any day.


It’s as good for the mind as it is for the body! And since you’re not emitting any greenhouse gasses or burning any fossil fuel, you’re doing the environment a favor too.


At Charge Bikes, we’re committed to making e-bike commuting easy, fun and accessible to everyone. That’s why all Charge e-bike models have flat-resistant tires, comfortable riding positions and enough range to go up to 50-mile on one charge.


If you’re ready to experience the fun and fitness of an electric bike, check out our full collection of e-bikes below.


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