Assembly Checklist

Before going for your first ride, review this Assembly Checklist and the Pre-Ride Checklist.


Remove any remaining packaging material


Check tire pressure – Tires must be inflated to the recommended pressure (See Section TECHNICAL INFORMATION: Tires and Tubes in your Charge Bicycle Owner’s Manual)


Check brakes are working properly – Check that the lever feels firm and does not move too close to the handlebar grip. With any disc brakes, the brake pads must make firm contact with the rotor without the brake levers hitting the handlebar grip (See Section TECHNICAL INFORMATION: Brakes in your Charge Bicycle Owner’s Manual).


Is your stem securely fastened? Twist the handlebars firmly from side to side while holding the front wheel between your knees. The stem must not move in the steering tube (See Section ADJUSTMENT INSTRUCTIONS: Adjustable Stem Instructions in your Charge Bicycle Owner’s Manual).


Is your seatpost securely fastened? Using the seat for leverage, twist the seatpost. The seatpost must not move in the seat tube (See Section ADJUSTMENT INSTRUCTIONS: Saddle/Seatpost in your Charge Bicycle Owner’s Manual).


Are your wheels properly fastened? Be sure to read the section on proper wheel installation (See Section TECHNICAL INFORMATION: Wheels in your Charge Bicycle Owner’s Manual).


Ensure the fender stays are attached and fenders are not rubbing on tires.


Make sure your headlight is upright and pointing forward


Power up the bike – Press and hold the power button on the display or the battery pack (marked with the [power symbol]) to power on the bike. The LCD display will come to life.


Verify battery charge – The Charge display will not only tell you how much battery power is left as a percentage, but will also estimate range in miles/km, so you can always be sure you have enough power to get you where you’re going... and back again!