City & Comfort - Operating the electric assist

Electric bikes offer electric assist as you pedal or when using the throttle.  The assist makes it easier to pedal (or in the case of the throttle, you don’t need to pedal at all) so you can go further and faster with less effort.    


The Charge City & Comfort are equipped with pedal assist and a throttle.  You can control the level of assist in two ways:


  • Using Pedal Assist: Set the level of pedal assist from the display by pressing the +/- buttons:
    • + moves you to a higher level of assist; - reduces the assist level.
    • The display will register the level of assist: 1 = the lowest assist level; 5 = the most assist. For more guidance on the display, view the manual included with your bike.
    • Using the Throttle: When you don’t want to pedal, you can use the thumb throttle on the left hand grip. Pressing down with your thumb accelerates the bike. Release to disengage the throttle.  Note: for safety reasons, the throttle will only engage after you begin pedaling.  





    NOTE: The City & Comfort have a maximum assisted speed of 20 mph.