Comfort - Charging the battery

You can charge your battery on or off the bike.

1. Charge the battery with the battery charger placed on the floor or some other stable surface.

2. Connect the battery charger’s power plug to the electrical outlet.  The indicator light on charger will be BLUE to indicate it is in “Ready” mode.

3. Wake the battery by flipping the power switch on the battery off & on, leaving it in the on position (switch depressed towards the “–“ icon)


4. Insert the charging plug into the charging port on the battery.  The light on the charger will turn from BLUE to RED.

5. When battery is fully charged, indicator light on the charger will briefly change to GREEN to signal that the battery is fully charged, and then turn to BLUE to return to Ready mode.

6. After charging, firmly close the charging port cap.


Note:  The battery is equipped with a "fast charge" feature that charges the battery from 0% up to 80% in approximately 3 hours and then reverts to a slow rate trickle-charge to fill the battery to capacity. This function is to extend battery life.