How do I use the folding handlebars?

All Charge bikes come with folding handlebars designed to make the bike easier to assemble, transport and store.  Below is a diagram and step-by-step instructions on how to use the folding handlebars.  


Folding Handlebar: 

folding stem diagram



Changing Handlebar Position


Step 1:  Using your thumb, slide the safety release button (1) forward and lift the lever up (2).

Stem Lever Operation Instructions



Step 2: Rotate the handlebar 90 degrees into riding or storage position.

adjustable stem instructions



Step 3: Close the lever (2). Push it down until the lever arm touches the stem stop (a).

adjusting stem lever how to



Step 4: Stand in front of the bike. Place your feet on both sides of the wheel and hands on the handlebar. Try to move the handlebar while holding the wheel. The handlebar must not move while the wheel is held fixed.

If it does, something is wrong. Do not ride the bike until the conditions are corrected, see next WARNING.




The stem lever is closed correctly when:

  • A strong resistance is felt to the force of your hand when closing the lever.
  • An impression of the lever is left in the palm of your hand after removing your hand from the closed lever.
  • The handlebar does not have any play or side-to-side movement.


The stem lever is too loose and stem tension must be adjusted if:

  • A strong resistance to the force of your hand is not felt when closing (locking) the stem lever.
  • Closing the lever does not leave an impression of the lever in your palm.
  • After the lever is closed you can still rock the handlebar side-to-side or the handlebars have a loose feeling.  The stem tension  (play) must be adjusted.  See “Adjusting Folding Stem Lever Tension.


Never ride with an open or loose lever.  Make sure the lever is closed.  If you ride with an open or loose lever you may lose steering control of the bicycle.  Failure to properly and fully close the lever could lead to an accident with risk of serious injury, paralysis or death.