What to know before your first ride

When you buckle on your helmet and go for your first familiarization ride on your new bicycle, be sure to pick a controlled environment, away from cars, other cyclists, obstacles or other hazards. Ride to become familiar with the controls, features and performance of your new bike.

Familiarize yourself with the braking action of the bike.  Test the brakes at slow speed, putting your weight toward the rear and gently applying the brakes, rear brake first. Sudden or excessive application of the front brake could pitch you over the handlebars. Applying brakes too hard can lock up a wheel, which could cause you to lose control and fall. Skidding is an example of what can happen when a wheel locks up.


If your bike has suspension, familiarize yourself with how the suspension responds to brake application and rider weight shifts. 

Practice shifting the gears. Remember to never move the shifter while pedaling backward, nor pedal backwards immediately after having moved the shifter. This could jam the chain and cause serious damage to the bicycle.

Check the handling and response of the bike; and check the comfort.


Technical information about using the brakes and shifting gears can found in the Charge Owner's Manual.

If you have any questions, or if you feel anything about the bike is not as it should be, consult with a professional bicycle mechanic before you ride again.