Adjusting the Folding Stem Tension

The "folding" handlebar is attached to the stem, which connects to the front fork and turns the wheel.  


Some wear will occur normally over time as the stem lever is used. We suggest that stem tension be inspected frequently, more so if you change position of your stem often or feel play in the handlebars.    


The stem's adjustment ring changes stem lever tension and stem play. It must be tensioned correctly and should be performed by a professional bicycle mechanic.


Show the mechanic these instructions.

To adjust:

1. Secure the bike upright.

2. If it is not already, rotate the stem so that it is in the riding position. See “Setting the Adjustable Stem Position.”

3. Press the safety release button forward, and lift the lever up.

4. Use a 2 mm hex key to loosen the set screw.

5. Insert a 3 mm tool into the small hole in the tension adjustment ring. Use the tool to rotate the tensions adjustment ring.

Rotate tension adjustment ring clockwise “+” to increases tension.

Rotate tension adjustment ring counter-clockwise “-” to decrease tension.

Make small changes in tension and then close the lever to check the change in lever tension.


If may be necessary to change the tension several times until the correct tension is set.

When the correct lever tension is set when:

(1) - Closing the lever makes an impression of the lever in the palm of your hand .


(2) - No play is present in the stem/handlebar. The stem/handlebar does not rock side-to-side or feel loose.”

6. With the correct lever tension set, and the lever in the “up” position, tighten the set screw with the 2 mm hex key. This set screw holds the tension adjustment ring in place.

7. Close the lever.

 Adjusting folding stem diagram