How to turn on XC lights

The lights on the Charge XC can be set up so that they are always on or always off when the drive system is on.

This functionality is controlled in the "Settings" menu on the Shimano display.


To change the light settings:


1.  With the bicycle stopped, turn the drive system on.


2.  Ensure that (DST) is not being displayed on the screen, and then hold the function button until the screen switches to the setting  menu.




3.  Using the assist buttons to scroll through the menu, scroll until you see "Light" on the display.


4.  Press the "Function" button to enter the "Light" menu.


5.  Use assist buttons to switch light setting between "ON" and "OFF"


6.  Press the function button to confirm the setting.  After confirmation, the screen will automatically return to the menu list screen.