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Receive a Kypitonte lock worth $92

Ride out & lock up

With up to 50 miles of range and effotless pedalling, our e-bikes will take you places. For a short time only we'll also ship with a free Kryptonite chain lock with every bike to ensure your ride is secure. To receive your free gift, simply enter the code CHAINLOCK2020 at check out.

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What people are saying

  • "Awesome bike that rides smoothly and effortlessly. Looks good and seems well built."

    — David S

  • "I had so much fun on this bike! I was surprised by how quick it was, and impressed how easy it was to ride."

    — Dani L

  • Fun Stuff! I never realized how fun an eBike can be until now!

    — Craig R

Keep it safe

Kryptonite's chain lock is rated Gold Sold Secure and is built using 10mm steel chain links for the maximum protection. This heavy-duty chain lock is for times when you need the highest protection but you don't want the hassle of carrying a hefty U-lock with you.

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Jam-packed with features

  • Electric motor

    Powered by a long-lasting rechargeable battery, Charge Comfort makes it a breeze to get around

  • Handlebar display screen

    The easy to read display tracks battery life, so you will always know how many miles you can travel

  • Space saving e-bikes

    All Charge electric bikes have folding handlebars and pedals so you need less space to store or transport.

More fun, less effort

Biking is comfier than ever with our low-step frame, superb seat, and effortless pedaling. Supplied with fenders, racks and lights, Charge Comfort is ideal for everything from joy rides to errand running.

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At Charge Bikes, we’ve always seen cycling as a way of life. Our electric bikes make it just that much easier to go out for a ride, bringing the freedom and enjoyment of cycling to more people than ever.