Electric Bikes That Are Affordable and Reliable

Voted “Best Electric Bike of 2021”. Charge has electric bikes for mountain riders, city commuters, and beach cruisers.

  • low-step-one-size-silver-electric-bike

    Built for urban life. Safe, storable, and it's perfect for commuting.

    • Relaxed ride position
    • Thumb throttle and pedal assist
    • 2 frame options (Standard and low step)
    • Hub drive motor
    • Fits riders: 5’1” – 6’3”
  • Charge Turquoise Comfort Electric Bike
    Charge Red Comfort Electric Bike
    Charge White Comfort Electric Bike
    Charge Black Comfort Electric Bike

    An everyday electric bike that keeps your posture upright for long, fun rides.

    • Upright ride position
    • Thumb throttle and pedal assist
    • Front suspension
    • Hub drive motor
    • Fits riders 5’0” – 6’0”
  • XC-charcoal-electric-off-road-bike

    A rugged electric bike that will power you through all-day outdoor journeys.

    • Athletic ride position
    • Off-road capable
    • Front suspension
    • Mid-drive motor
    • Fits riders 5’0” – 6’4”

Standard across all models:

Powerful motor

A powerful motor provides electric assist (up to 20 MPH) as you pedal. Biking has never been this effortless.

Up to 50 mile range

Ride for miles on a single charge. Our handlebar display always lets you know how much farther you can go.

Easy to store

Folding handlebars and pedals open and close in seconds so your bike takes up less space.

Safe and visible

High-powered, built-in front and rear lights, plus reflective tire walls.

Green means go

Smart air pressure sensors fitted on puncture-resistant tires. When the cap shows green, you're good to go!

Rugged racks

Built in racks make it easy to carry your daily essentials wherever you need to go.

Fast Assembly

Every Charge bike ships nearly fully assembled in 100% recyclable packaging, making it easy for anyone to assemble in just 10 minutes.

Electrify your ride

  • Benefits of adding an electric motor to your bike

    Biking. But better.

    Adding an electric motor makes the whole biking experience even better.  Suddenly hills aren’t a problem and you can cruise effortlessly to work. Ride farther and faster without breaking a sweat.

  • Electric bike with up to 50 miles per charge.

    Up to 50 miles on a single charge.

    Charge electric bikes are lightweight, durable and packed with tons of smart features. Our long-range batteries are easy to recharge, and our handlebar display always lets you know how much farther you can go.

New to Electric Bikes?

At Charge Bikes, we’ve always seen cycling as a way of life. Our electric bikes make it just that much easier to go out for a ride, bringing the freedom and enjoyment of cycling to more people than ever.

  1. Here at Charge, we’re obsessed with getting people excited about electric bikes that are fit for real life. We’re not being dramatic when we say they’re life changing. They offer endless potential for people of all walks of life to change the way they move through life, uphill rides and all—with greater ease, less stress and more joy. 

    At Charge we’re leading the charge in the industry by providing the best e-bikes on (and off) the road that fit every need and every lifestyle and that are built for Comfort, and in doing so make life more comfortable. Whether you ride regularly or haven’t been on a bike in decades, e-bikes will change the way you think about biking. Our customers range from retirees who ride to the farmer’s market on weekends to adventure seekers who want to take on mountain trails and a bunch of others in between. 

    From the makers of Cannondale and Schwinn, our e-bikes are delivering the freedom and fun of cycling to more people than ever with premium features that come standard across all models. With three affordable and reliable models to choose from—the Comfort, City and XC—all Charge e-bikes provide a safe, smooth ride with an extra boost when you want it. 

    That’s the kicker with e-bikes (in addition to kickstands, which they have too)—you get to decide how you ride. Going to work or somewhere you want to show up looking fresh as a daisy? Kick in a good amount of pedal assist and/or the throttle, and you won’t sweat it. Feel like getting in a good workout on the way home? Use a minimal amount of pedal assist on those hills and get your sweat on. The choices are yours, and our bikes make it easy for you to make them and get where you’re going, how you want to go. 

    With nearly two decades of experience crafting durable bikes that are easy to own and ride, we know a thing or two about what makes the best battery-operated bikes here at Charge. While there are many other bike options out there, there are some things everyone should consider before purchasing one.

    Electric Bikes vs. Traditional Bikes: What’s the Difference?

    Riding an e-bike is just like riding a traditional bike—only better. With battery power, an e-bike gives you the option of pedal assistance and/or a throttle, so you can choose just how much comfort vs. effort you want to put into your ride (if any). 

    With a number of levels to toggle between (five with the City and Comfort models and three for the XC), you can make your ride as easy as you like. Our City and Comfort models also feature throttle, which allow you to kick back and coast with no effort at all. 

    Charge e-bikes also have easy-to-use, manual shifting systems that enable you to change gears just as you would on a regular bike. 

    Like we said, your ride, your choices. 

    What Should I Look for in an Electric Bike?

    All electric bikes aren’t equal. What seems standard with one company may be an upgrade or not available at all with another brand’s bikes. So it’s important to look beyond the marketing hype at the bike’s components. You don’t have to be a bike expert by any means, but there are a few key features you should evaluate when shopping for an e-bike.

    A strong battery 

    At Charge our bikes feature a 750w motor that’s powered by a rechargeable, lithium ion battery and delivers 45 Nm of torque. Get up to 50 miles on a single charge and easily recharge the removable (yet lockable) battery wherever you have power.

    A throttle

    If you want the option to ride without pedaling at all, you’ll want an e-bike with a throttle, like our City and Comfort models, where one is right at your fingertips and lets you take control of your ride by choosing your level of pedal assist. 

    Information display

    Charge e-bikes are all equipped with a handlebar LCD display that gives you the stats you need to know like how much battery life you have left, real-time speed and level of pedal assistance. They also feature smart air pressure sensors fitted on puncture-resistant tires that take out the guesswork: when the cap shows green, you're good to go!

    Safety and visibility features

    Ride with ease knowing high-powered, integrated front and rear lights and reflective tire walls have your back on all of our bikes. 

    Ease of use

    Charge e-bikes all feature folding handlebars and pedals that can be adjusted in seconds, making the bike super easy to transport and store.

    Cargo capacity   

    Our  e-bikes also all feature built-in racks that make it easy to attach baskets, crates, or bins so you can bring along your daily essentials. Groceries, gym bags, fishing gear, your kids!—most anything you need and want can go along for the ride.

    Which Electric Bike Should I Choose?

    Ready to start pedaling (or not!)? Here’s what to consider when choosing between the three models of Charge e-bikes for adults.

    For the Commuter: City Electric Bike

    If the idea of a sweaty dress shirt has ever made you think twice about biking to work, then the City Electric Bike is for you. Five pedal assist modes and a throttle mean you can coast as much as you want to and show up at work looking fresh and ready to take on the day. Made for urban life, its folding handlebars and lightweight design make it easy to store in an office or even in a studio apartment. With tough, Goodyear tires, integrated lights, a rear rack for storage and more, the City e-bike is packed with premium features that make it perfect for city living and commuting. 

    For the Joyrider: Comfort Electric Bike

    The Comfort is our everyday e-bike, and it lives up to its name by keeping things easy and upright, even on hills. Featuring a low-step frame that makes getting on and off a breeze, plus our comfiest seat and bump-proof shocks, biking has never felt so good. The convenient thumb throttle lets you choose between five levels of pedal assist, so you’re in total control of if and how much you want to pedal. 

    For the Adventurer: XC Electric Bike 

    Looking to go off-road? Our rugged, electric cross-country bike is equipped with big, grippy, fat tires, tough shocks, and a mid-drive motor to flatten out the rough stuff. With hydraulic disc brakes, you can take on most any terrain, and since it’s easily packed away, you’ll be able to take the XC e-bike wherever the journey leads.  

    Once you decide on a model, the rest is easy. Every Charge bike ships nearly fully assembled in 100% recyclable packaging. Most anyone can get one unboxed on the road in 10 minutes flat. 

    Why We Do What We Do

    More than 47.5 million people in the United States already report cycling on a regular basis. As bike enthusiasts, this number makes us happy, though of course, we are always hoping (and working!) to see it grow. When we first started making bikes back in 2004, it was our mission to make cycling accessible to everyone, and we quickly reached widespread acclaim in the cycling community for our offering of well-priced, durable bikes that are also a heck of a lot of fun to ride. 

    But the reality was, there were still obstacles getting in the way of enabling all people—regardless of age or ability—to go out for a ride. After many years of research and consideration, we decided to pivot operations to focus solely on battery-operated bikes and help us get closer to our goal. 

    Today, we’re reaching even more cyclists and breaking down many of the barriers associated with traditional biking. We’re   proud to be part of the cycling revolution and  passionate about getting more people on two wheels. 

    Where to Buy an Electric Bike 

    The e-bike industry has seen explosive growth in recent years, and there are a ton of options out there. When trying to narrow your choices down, you want to make sure you’re buying from a trusted brand that produces quality bikes and that you’re getting a model that fits you and your lifestyle.

    While buying an electric bike online is certainly convenient, we also offer options to actually take one out for a spin. That’s why we make it easy to test ride a Charge electric bike, and our dedicated team members are always here to chat and answer any questions you might have. 

    To learn more about which model is best for you, we encourage you to get in touch with a team member today. We’re here to help, and we’d be honored to be part of your e-bike journey.