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CNET - October 2020

These are the best e-bikes for 2020

"The Charge XC is a clean-looking e-bike that's made to go anywhere -- dirt, gravel or on the road -- for $2,499. The XC doesn't have a throttle, but it does have three levels of assist (eco, normal and high) and the 250-watt mid-drive Shimano motor was just enough to tackle any hill. Its front shocks were great for getting around the bumpy New York streets." 

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Sports Lifestyle Network - September 2020

Nick Larsen, Founder of Charge Bikes - S1E19

“We’re trying to make it simple. So we started with a really simple range. Only three bikes, one that was for off-road, one that was going really fast on-road and the other one was for commuting... You have to get on and try an e-bike and experience an e-bike to understand what it actually does and how it makes you feel.”

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Forbes - September 2020

Commuting To Work This Fall? Pick One Of These High-Tech Bikes

"This electric bike was made for extreme comfort and lasts about 50 miles on a charge. The pedals and handlebars fold up for easier transport. You can use the pedal assist throttle to accelerate up to 20 miles per hour for an even easier morning commute."

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Mic - September 2020

The 5 best bikes for pandemic-safe commuting this fall

"The Benz of e-bikes... You can use as little or as much of the electric component as you want on this lightweight e-bike, whose pedal assist and thumb throttle allow you to cruise as fast as 20 mph. A single charge powers up to 50 miles, and a handlebar display tells you how many you have left."

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Business Insider - September 2020

I put a $2,300 electric all-terrain bike to the test, and it was the most fun I've had since the pandemic began

"Unlike some new bikes, the Charge XC was a breeze to put together — even in a tiny apartment."

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InsideHook - August 2020

Review: The Charge XC Justifies the Great E-Bike Boom of 2020

“This is a thoughtful bike, with serious specs. If you’re a veteran, you won’t be disappointed. But if you’re a newcomer, you shouldn’t be intimidated… Your legs stay fresh, there’s perpetual tailwind, and you get to have fun keeping up with cars.”

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The Next Web - August 2020

Review: The Charge XC is a well-rounded ebike that folds flat for storage

“The XC is a package that feels carefully considered every step to minimize the pain point first-time ebike buyers might have, many of them who may be buying their first bike ever... This is an ebike for people who want a ride akin to a regular bike — except one that gives you super legs.”

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Cool Hunting - July 2020

Riding across NYC on Charge’s City e-bike

"Getting from the northern tip of Brooklyn down to the Rockaways in Queens without a car can be a time-drain, and getting there while also avoiding the subway might seem impossible. This past weekend we rode the 34-mile (total) route—a distance that, for most, isn't feasible with a regular bicycle—on Charge’s CITY e-Bike."

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Tom's Guide - July 2020

The best electric bikes of 2020

"If you plan on commuting to work, Charge Bikes City may well be the best ebike for you. Not only does it come with features like full-fenders to keep the mud off and a rear rack for a pack or bag, but it does everything well for a very reasonable price."

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Forbes - July 2020

Smartly designed Charge City ebike is a Covid-19 easy rider

"If you plan on commuting to work, Charge Bikes City may well be the best ebike for you. Not only does it come with features like full-fenders to keep the mud off and a rear rack for a pack or bag, but it does everything well for a very reasonable price."

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Well + Good - July 2020

7 of the best bikes for city riding that make for a healthy commute

"If you’ve been shopping for an ebike, I know there literally thousands of choices out there, some better than others. I would recommend the Charge City or one of their other models as they are crafted by bicycle enthusiasts and offered by a bike-centric group while being designed for those that perhaps aren’t hard-core riders but still want quality and performance."

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Spy - June 2020

Charge’s new line of electric bikes brings cycling into the future

"Bike riding is a joyous and fun experience on its own, but Charge’s lineup gives the whole process a much-needed jolt and brings riding into the modern era. Thoughtfully designed, executed, and built, whatever model you’re interested in will make it that much easier to cruise and glide around your city."

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Electrek - June 2020

Charge bike company goes 100% electric with fold-flat e-bikes

"Riders looking for a more upright geometry than the commuter-focused Charge City might appreciate the Charge Comfort. It uses a step-through frame for a more comfortable, laid back ride."

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Fast Company - June 2020

This $1,500 electric bike ships right to your door

"I noticed how comfortable the seat was, and appreciated the wide, flat palm wrests on the handlebars—an ergonomic touch I’d never seen on a bike, which makes it instantly inviting to ride."

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BikeRadar - June 2020

Charge Bikes is back and this time it’s all about the sensible ebikes

"Charge has clearly gone to great lengths to ensure assembly on delivery is as painless as possible. Out of the box, riders will only have to fit the front wheel, unfold the bars and pedals, and adjust the saddle height."

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Bicycle Retailer - June 2020

Dorel brings Charge back to the US, as an e-bike brand

"Shipping and assembly is made easy by folding handlebars and pedals, which also make the bikes easy to store and transport. The Goodyear tire valves have red and green indicators to show if they are properly inflated. Motors have a 50-mile range and works in pedal-assist or throttle modes."

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Press Release - June 2020

Charge reimagines the cycling experience with the launch of electric bikes

"We know how to make cycling easy and accessible; it's what we've done for years," says Charge founder Nick Larsen. "Electric bikes make it even easier and more fun for people to cycle, whether they are seasoned riders or getting back on a bike for the first time in a long time."

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