Charge XC Electric Bike

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Go Farther, Faster, Easier.

Sturdy and powerful, Charge electric bikes are your passport to the outdoors. Grippy tires. Tough frame and front shocks, the Charge XC is at home on any path—or trail.

What people are saying

  • "XC is all you need for both Off-road and pedal assist!"

    — Peter C

  • "It was so much fun! I was able to go on a 19 mile training ride with my 18 year old XC High School State Champion son!

    — Naomi N

  • Fun Stuff! I never realized how fun an eBike can be until now!

    — Craig R

Charge electric trail bike

Power on demand

Easily control how much pedal assistance you want with extra boost at your fingertips.

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Jam-packed with features

  • Electric motor

    Powered by a long-lasting rechargeable battery, Charge XC makes it a breeze to get off-road

  • Handlebar display screen

    The easy to read display tracks battery life, so you will always know how many miles you can travel

  • Adjustable assistance

    Turn it up to cruise without pedaling or keep it low for a classic, elevated ride

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Charge electric mountain bike
Best electric mountain bike

One Powerful Bike.

With Charge electric bikes, you’ll get wherever you 
want to be—and have fun doing it. Supplied with fenders, racks and lights, Charge XC is ideal for everything from 
joy rides to errand running.

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At Charge Bikes, we’ve always seen cycling as a way of life. Our electric bikes make it just that much easier to go out for a ride, bringing the freedom and enjoyment of cycling to more people than ever.