An electric bike from the makers of Cannondale and Schwinn that’s built for urban life. Safe, storable, and perfect for commuting.

  • Available in two styles (Standard/Low Step)
  • Up to 50 miles range
  • Pedal assist + thumb throttle (up to 20mph)
  • Folding handlebars for easy storage
  • Integrated lights, racks and fenders
  • Assemble in 10 minutes
  • 30-day returns

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City $1699

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Two distinct styles

  • Standard

    A more traditional, diamond-shaped frame with a classic look.

  • Low Step

    A more open, step-through frame for easier mounting and dismounting.

  • Faster speeds for the same amount of effort, real hill-flattening power and just a more fun and exciting riding experience.

  • After a few rides around the neighborhood, it became clear that this machine is complex — but remarkably simple to use - even for rookies.

  • Built for commuters who want to bike but would prefer not to sweat too hard on their way to work.

City gets you there and back, no sweat

Add fresh air and pure joy to your daily commute, but without the fatigue. With tough tires, built-in lights, and foldable parts for easy storage, it's the ideal electric bike for life in town.

Electrify your ride

  • Biking. But better.

    Adding an electric motor makes the whole biking experience even better.  Suddenly hills aren’t a problem and you can cruise effortlessly to work. Ride farther and faster without breaking a sweat.

  • Up to 50 miles on a single charge.

    Our batteries are easy to recharge, and our handlebar display always lets you know how much farther you can go.

What's it like to ride a Charge bike?

"I was surprised by how quick it was, and impressed how easy it was to ride. I loved zipping around town."

—Dani L, Austin, TX

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