The Best Electric Delivery Bike

If you make your living or a few extra bucks making deliveries, an electric bike can change your work in all the best ways. Using a bike to make deliveries lets you trade drudgery and hassles for convenience and fun. Even better, it can increase your efficiency and, ultimately, optimize your income.  


Whether you work as a courier or a deliver driver for UberEats, Instacart, DoorDash, or any other company that has you traversing city streets, using an e bike instead of a car or a traditional bike not only saves time and money, but it means you can enjoy the ride as you go. It turns a job into more of a joyful journey and helps you maximize the amount of money you can make.  


But What About the Hills and Bridges? 


If you’re automatically thinking how exhausting it sounds to pedal your way around with packages in tow, then you haven’t experienced the power of electric bikes. You see, you don’t have to be like those super-fit traditional bike messengers who whiz around the city in Spandex. Almost anyone can hop on an e-bike and ease on down the road making deliveries as they go.


That’s the beauty of e-bikes. They take all the best elements of traditional two-wheeled bicycles—flexibility, fun, fresh air and more!—and add the power of a motor. That means you can pedal when you want, but you can also say to hell with hills (we’re looking at  you, San Francisco delivery drivers) and let the motor do the work for you. 


You can get in a workout as you go about your business if you like, but you can also coast to your drop-off locations and save your energy so you can make more deliveries.


The Best Electric Bike for Delivery Drivers


At Charge, we offer three e-bike models—any of which can be used for making deliveries. The Comfort Electric Bike is our everyday e-bike. It features a low-step frame that makes getting on and off easy and a super comfortable seat and bump-proof shocks for a smooth ride. The XC Electric Bike is designed for off-road adventures and can take on dirt, rocks, snow, sand and more. 


It’s our City Electric Bike, however, that’s  perfect for urban life and is the best for  making deliveries in an urban environment. 


The City has five pedal-assist support modes—1-5. The lower the mode, the less electric assistance you’ll get. The higher the mode, the more assistance you’ll get, and the faster you’ll go. It also features a throttle that lets you go without pedaling at all, similar to a motorbike. 


How fast can you go? Our bikes are the fastest in their class, allowing you to go up to 20mph. That makes for some seriously speedy deliveries (nod to Mr. McFeely from Mr. Rogers). 


How many deliveries you can make on a single charge depends on where you’re going and how you get there. In general, you can cover up to 50 miles. That varies a bit, however, depending on how much pedal assist you use, the terrain you’re covering, the rider’s weight and other factors. You don’t have to guess though, as a built-in indicator lets you know the status of your battery at all times.


Speaking of the battery, it’s both lockable (so you don’t have to worry about someone swiping it) and removable (so you don’t have to take your whole bike to a power source—just the battery). The amount of time it takes to fully charge depends on how much power is left, but, in general, the City’s battery takes about 3 hours to reach 80 percent capacity and 7 hours to fully recharge.


Deliveries Made Easy 


Charge electric bikes are equipped with features that make deliveries (and everyday life for that matter) easier in oh so many ways. For one, you don’t have to worry about finding a parking space or blocking traffic when you run into a restaurant or make a drop off. Just roll right on up to the door or lock your bike to a nearby rack. 


There’s no getting stuck in traffic, and you can dart down alleys and take paths that other larger vehicles may not be able to take. Also, because our bikes are lightweight and come with folding handlebars and pedals, they’re easy to transport and easy to store too. 


But what about all those takeout orders, groceries, packages and other things you’re delivering—where do you put them? All our bikes can function as electric cargo bikes. They’re equipped with integrated rear racks that provide plenty of room to take deliveries to and fro.


You can strap baskets, bags and other items directly to the racks, or, if you’re frequently hauling heavier loads, you can get yourself a set of panniers. Similar to saddlebags, they fit over our rear rack and let you securely haul more things. For lighter loads and shorter distances, you can use backpacks or hip packs. 


Making deliveries at night or in gloomy weather? No problem. All our bikes are equipped with high-powered, automatic front and rear lights as well as reflective side strips to increase your visibility. They’re also equipped with ergonomically designed saddles for comfort, and front and rear fenders to keep you dry when there are puddles and other wet conditions on the ground. 


Bottom line: E-bikes can’t be beat as delivery vehicles. They can increase your performance, your passion for your work, and ultimately the size of your paycheck. Not to mention the benefits of e-bikes in general like fewer emissions, more fresh air and less money spent on gas, registrations, licenses and the like. And, of course most importantly, there’s the joy they bring to every journey. 


Ready to change the way you do deliveries? You can take one of our bikes for a test ride before making a purchase or chat with a representative at any time to get answers to any questions you have. 


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