Meet Catherine Parenteau: Professional pickleball player and Charge e-bike rider


Charge e-bike riders come from all walks of life. They’re parents and students, teachers and executives, and, in the case of Catherine Parenteau—professional pickleball players. Ranked the number one female singles pickleball player in the world, she says riding a Charge e-bike rocks her world. When it’s time to get some practice or exercise in, she hops on her Charge e-bike and heads to the courts.

 Meet Catherine Parenteau


“I love my Charge e-bike,” she says. “I can do intervals for a great workout… and I love to ride to the pickleball courts. They’re about a half mile away. I think it’s super easy to get there on my e-bike.” She says she was surprised by how fast she can go, and she loves the feeling of the wind blowing through her hair as she rides. She also likes that her e-bike was easy to assemble, lightweight and simple to store in her garage.



“It’s always ready for me to go back on it anytime,” she says. When evaluating e-bikes, Parenteau says Charge’s mission to encourage women to go outdoors, be active and face challenges head on resonated with her own beliefs. Her advice to others facing an uphill climb: Stay in the present moment and take life one step—and one ride—at a time.


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