The Best Step-Through Electric Bike

You know what they say about riding a bike? Here at Charge, we’re committed to helping more people than ever before rediscover the joy of cycling—no matter if it’s been days, months, or even years since they last got on one.


For many, obstacles like getting up steep hills stop them from going out for a spin, or the need to bring along a change of clothes may deter them from opting to bike to work instead of drive. But what if you could enjoy all the benefits of biking without any fuss or fatigue?


Electric bike technology is revolutionizing the cycling experience. With the addition of a motor, practically all of the barriers that get in the way of empowering every person to bike confidently disappear, and what you’re left with is a nimble and convenient alternative to a car that’s easy—and not to mention, a lot of fun—to ride. And if comfort is a top priority, electric bicycles have you covered there, too.


The ability to coast when you want and pedal when you don’t means you can get wherever you’re headed faster and without breaking a sweat.


If you’re looking for an electric bike that delivers a superiorly smooth ride for daily commuting or leisurely trips around town, an electric bike with a step-through frame offers unmatched ease and comfort by making hopping on and off a breeze. Keep reading to find out what you should look for, and why Charge electric bikes are the best step-through e-bikes on the market.

Step Right Through: What to Look for in an E-Bike

If you’re interested in buying an e-bike, it’s already clear that comfort and ease are “must-haves” on your list. While riding a regular bike is great and all, there are a lot of reasons why people might prefer to have the option to coast with pedal assist. With the addition of a powerful motor, the choice is yours! Go out for a good old-fashioned spin and pedal to your heart’s content, or kick things into power mode and just relax.


Once you’ve decided you want to go electric, the next step is to decide which kind of e-bike best fits your needs and lifestyle. As you begin to look around and do some research, you’ll likely find that e-bikes are divided into three classes which denote their level of motor assistance and dictate where they can be ridden.


Class 1 Electric Bikes are the most common introduction to e-bikes, since they’re affordable and universally accepted on city streets and bike paths. The motor on a Class 1 electric bicycle only starts once the rider begins to pedal, and it stops providing assistance as soon as a top speed of 20 mph is reached.  


Class 2 Electric Bikes are also allowed on most city streets and bike paths. Unlike a Class 1 e-bike, however, the motor on a Class 2 e-bike can be activated without any assistance from the rider, and the motor assistance will continue until a max speed of 20 mph.


Class 3 Electric Bikes are the most powerful—and the most expensive—of the three classes of electric bicycles. A Class 3 e-bike is equipped with a motor that allows it to be powered without any pedal assistance by the rider up to 28 mph. As a result, Class 3 electric bicycles cannot be ridden on most bike paths or mountain bike trails.


To take full advantage of the freedom and flexibility that an electric bicycle has to offer, choosing one that’s classified as a Class 2 e-bike will let you ride wherever and however you want.

Which Class 2 Electric Bike Should I Buy?


Think a Class 2 e-bike is for you? You’ll want to look for one that’s durable and agile—and manufactured by a trusted bike company. Because we’re all about keeping things easy, every Charge electric bike is designed as a Class 2 e-bike. And while there are virtually endless options out there, we believe these features are the most valuable and useful, which is why they come standard on all Charge e-bikes:


High-quality, aluminum frame that is lightweight yet tough.


Powerful, geared hub motor that provides electric assist up to 20 mph.


Locking, removable battery that gets up to 50 miles on a single charge and can easily be recharged on or off the bike.


Folding handlebar and pedals that make for easy storage and transportation.


Comfortable seats and grips, so you can enjoy the journey as much as the destination.


Puncture-resistant Goodyear tires that offer unsurpassed, all-weather traction and robust flat protection.


Automatic tire pressure sensors that show red when you need air, or green if you're good to go!


High-powered, integrated front and rear lights and reflective tire walls that ensure you can see and be seen, day or night.


Sturdy rear rack that makes it easy to attach baskets, crates, or bins for all your daily essentials.


The two models of Charge e-bikes that feature a step-through frame include the same premium features that come standard on all Charge bikes, meaning you’ll be getting a superior riding experience plus maximum comfort and convenience. Here’s a little more about them:


The Comfort Electric Bike is our everyday, electric cruiser bike that’s easy to store, light, flexible, and ready to ride in any weather. It keeps things—you guessed it—comfortable with our best-ever seat, bump-proof shocks, and convenient thumb throttle that lets you toggle between five levels of pedal assist. And, of course, the low, step-through frame makes it easier than ever to hop on and off; though trust us, you won’t want to stop riding. 


The City Low-Step Electric Bike is our electric road bike for effortless travel and commuting around town. From the makers of Cannondale and Schwinn bikes, the City is easy to store in tight spaces thanks to folding handlebars and a lightweight design, and although it’s compact indoors, it’s still efficient outdoors. With fat tires, five levels of power assist, a throttle at your fingertips plus built-in lights (and so much more!), the City e-bike brings ease to urban life.


No matter which model you choose, you’ll experience a smooth and fun ride with less fatigue. From weekend rides that won’t tire you out to the coolest commute in town, you can ride easy with a Charge e-bike.

Why Charge?

We could talk all day about how great our Charge electric bikes are, because, well… they are. We built them. We believe in them—and we know bikes.


But we don’t want you to just take our word for it.


We want our riders to feel fully confident before and after purchasing one of our bikes, knowing they are getting the best ride on the market. We stand behind our products and always will, because to us, they’re more than bikes, and we’re more than a bike company.


We started Charge in 2004 with the mission of making cycling easier and more accessible, and we produced an assortment of well-priced and durable conventional bikes that were both easy and fun to ride. The arrival of electric bike technology has only helped us get even closer to our goal, and today, we’re proud to offer three, beautifully-designed electric bicycles that are bringing the joy of cycling to more people than ever before.  


In addition to the City and the Comfort, we also make the XC—an electric mountain bike that’s tough enough for trails and gravel. With its front suspension fork and hydraulic disc brakes, the XC is a heavy duty e-bike that can take you anywhere, and thanks to its quick fold-flat handlebars and folding pedals, it can be packed away easily, too.


And our bikes aren’t the only things that are e-friendly! As outdoor enthusiasts ourselves, we are deeply committed to protecting the environment, which is why our packaging has also been intentionally designed to minimize waste by eliminating all the foam and plastic wrap and using only 100% recyclable materials.

Ready to Ride?


Whether you’re shopping for electric commuter bikes or electric mountain bikes, we’d love to be part of your e-bike journey. And while websites (like this one!) and bike reviews (be sure to check out what our customers are saying!) can provide a lot of great information, there’s nothing like actually going for a ride to experience everything an electric bike has to offer—especially if you’re new to Charge or electric bikes in general.


That’s why we’ve made it easier to take one for a test ride, and with a growing network of dealers and test-ride locations, you can find one near you.


Once you’ve placed your order, it’s time to get. excited. Not only do our bikes ship FREE, but they also arrive nearly fully assembled, so you can put your e-bike together in under 10 minutes and start riding!


Have any questions? Our team would love to hear from you! Because, like we said, we could talk bikes all day.


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