Carrying cargo on rides? Easy

Charge City ebike

Your Charge e-bike can make it easier than ever to ditch the car and choose an active mode of transportation. Whether you’re using your e-bike to travel a few blocks to the grocery store or are making a 10+ mile daily commute, here are a few simple tips to help you carry your gear.

With its standard rear rack, your Charge e-bike has ample space for carrying gear. If you’re commuting, or often need to carry heavier loads, such as groceries, it makes sense to invest in a quality set of panniers. They transform the potential of the rear rack into serious cargo capacity, so you can safely transport even larger items on your bike.

A backpack or hip pack can also be a good option, particularly for lighter loads and shorter distances. On the body carry options are generally less suitable for riders commuting in the same clothes they work in, or for carrying groceries or other heavy loads over long distances.

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Looking to bring your kids along, but they’re not riding yet? A traditional rear-mounted child seat can be a good option for children that weigh less than 40 pounds. The downside of a child seat is that the weight of the child sits up high, where it has more of an effect on the bike’s handling.

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Another option that’s more compatible with children that weigh more than 40 pounds is a pull-behind trailer or tag along bike. Pull-behind trailers typically have two wheels and can carry 1-2 children in its enclosed cargo area. Tag along bikes have one wheel, and typically carry one child in a riding position, with their own handlebar, cranks and drivetrain.

Regardless of which option you choose, keep in mind the maximum rider/gear weight of 300 pounds on your Charge Bike. Exceeding the weight limit is unsafe and can lead to accelerated wear and/or failure of the frame, fork, wheels and drivetrain. from the car interior. You can also use old blankets, sheets or towels to further protect the car interior.

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