Easy ways to keep safe

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Your Charge e-bike is the ultimate getaway vehicle, but before you ride, it’s important to think about safety. Be sure to wear a helmet, preferably one designed for the increased speed of e-bikes. Virtually every quality helmet line offers e-bike specific models in a variety of prices, styles and colors.

The standard front and rear lights on your Charge e-bike were designed to increase your ability to see and be seen in dark or inclement conditions. For maximum safety, we recommend using your lights anytime you’re riding on public roads. If you find yourself riding at night frequently, or simply desire brighter lights, aftermarket manufacturers such as Exposure, Light & Motion and Supernova, among others, offer high-power light upgrades specifically for e-bikes.

It’s safer and generally more pleasant to ride on roads with less car traffic, so look for routes just off the main streets when riding in the city. Many cities and towns now have paved bike paths and/or on-street bike lanes, so be sure to consider those options as well.

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When riding on a bike lane or path, stay right, as you would on the street. When passing a cyclist or pedestrian, it’s polite to announce the pass with “on your left” as you approach. This applies to riding in a group as well. The more other riders know about your presence and intentions, the safer you’ll be. Also, when riding in a group, take care not to ‘half-wheel’, which is when your front wheel closely overlaps the rear wheel of the rider in-front of you.

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