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Each ride is a unique adventure, so Charge Bikes are equipped with multiple assist levels to enable you to select the best level of assist for the ride you’re on. Charge City and Comfort electric bike models offer five levels of assist, plus a walk-assist mode. Level 1 provides the least assist, while level 5 provides the most. Charge XC models offer three assist levels – eco, trail and boost – plus walk-assist.

Charge City and Comfort electric bike models are also equipped with a throttle, so once underway, you can use the motorized assist without pedaling by simply pressing the throttle with your left thumb.

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It’s important to note that while higher assist levels offer stronger acceleration and assist, they also consume the most battery power. By selecting lower assist levels, you conserve battery life, so you can ride longer between battery charges. Charge e-bikes are equipped with batteries designed to deliver up to 50 miles of riding per charge. That said, if you’re always riding at maximum assist or in very hilly terrain, your actual distance between charges could be considerably less. Regardless of the selected assist level, Charge e-bikes provide motorized assistance at speeds up to 20 mph.

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