How far can I ride my Charge e-bike?


We’ve worked hard to make your bike as fun and hassle-free as possible, however it’s common for new e-bike riders to worry about running out of battery power. You want to be confident you can get to your destination and back again with power to spare, right?

Rest assured, Charge has you covered. We’ve designed your bike with a number of features that will enable you to relax and focus on enjoying the ride ahead.

First, your Charge e-bike is equipped with a battery designed to deliver up to 50 miles of riding on a single charge. Since hilly terrain can affect your range, the display features a range estimator that tells you precisely how many miles remain before charging is necessary. That way, you’re always in the know.

We’ve also designed the battery to be easy to remove for charging, so you can top it off when you arrive at your destination. All you need is your keys and the charging cable. In fact, you may consider purchasing an extra charging cable to keep at the office, or in your riding bag.

Finally, one key to maximizing range is to be aware of the assist level you are using on rides. You’ll experience longer battery life and greater overall range using lower assist levels. Try to use the lowest practical assist level for your rides and you’ll be surprised how far you can go!

Have fun, be safe and ride your Charge e-bike with confidence that it can go the distance.


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