Maintenance keeps your Charge e-bike running smooth


Every bike requires periodic maintenance to keep it going strong. We know you’d much rather be riding than wrenching, so we worked hard to reduce the necessary maintenance of your Charge e-bike to an absolute minimum. In fact, the motor, controller and battery are virtually maintenance free.

Following is a list of essential maintenance items, along with guidance on how often they should be performed.

Before every ride

• Charge the battery – Start each ride with a fully-charged battery to ensure you get the range and performance you expect from your Charge e-bike.

• Check/inflate tires – Properly inflated tires are essential to the safety and efficiency of your Charge e-bike, and all tires gradually lose pressure over time. That’s why it’s important to check and fill your tires on a regular basis. Locate the recommended pressure range on the tire sidewall, then inflate your tires to a pressure that falls within that range. Keep in mind: lower tire pressure will ride smoother, while higher pressure will roll faster, at the expense of a rougher ride over bumps. Take time to experiment and find the pressure that offers the best balance of speed and ride quality for you.

• Check brakes – Ensure both front and rear brakes function properly prior to every ride. Also, look for any obvious issues, such as loose parts, or excessive wear to brake rotors or pads. If anything is amiss, or your brakes lack power, are rubbing or emit a loud squeal when stopping, stop riding the bike immediately and have the brakes inspected by a professional bicycle mechanic.

Every 3-4 rides

• Clean the bike – Moisten a cloth or rag with water and wipe all dirt and grime off the frame, fork, wheels and motor housing. Clean your bike more often if you frequently ride in the rain.

• Lubricate the chain – A properly cleaned and lubricated chain is essential to the performance of your Charge e-bike. Look for a bicycle-specific lube that is appropriate for the conditions you typically ride.

Every 6-12 months

• Complete tune-up – Have your bike comprehensively serviced by your local Charge dealer (click HERE to locate the dealer nearest you), or another professional bicycle mechanic. Regular service is key to the reliability and long life of your Charge e-bike, as it enables normal wear and tear items to be replaced before they become a safety or reliability problem.

By staying on-top of the regular maintenance of your Charge e-bike, you’ll reduce your chances of a breakdown on the road significantly and protect the value of your investment for years to-come.


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