Meet Bet: Riding Her Way Through Her Senior Years in Style

Like most Charge riders, Bet knew who she was and what she wanted. She was searching for an electric bike that would let her keep riding as she got older. She wanted to go on longer rides with her siblings and to tackle hills without getting too tired. Check out the following video in which Bet talks more about how the Charge City is moving her and how one can move you too.



When she came across the Charge City, she was sold. It checked all of her boxes… and then some. Lightweight, strong battery life, pedal assist—check, check and check.



Bet says her life hasn’t been the same since got her e-bike, and she rides more frequently now than ever because enjoys riding it so much. “Loving my City bike!!! It makes getting out and doing some hills so easy.... I hate missing a day's ride when I have to.” She says the area around her is hilly, but what’s really helpful is that she can get extra assistance going "But boy do I turn it off when going downhill".


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