Meet Emily & Scott: Chasing Thrills on Their E-Bikes Together

Emily and Scott first rented e-bikes while on vacation in San Diego. As they rode on the sand along the beach, the couple knew they wanted e-bikes of their own one day. Another trip to California confirmed it when they rented e-bikes in Ojai and rode nearly 50 miles round trip to Ventura and back. “We never would have done that on regular bikes because we’re not that into biking, and it would have been an all-day trip,” Emily says. “But with the e-bikes, we were able to ride there, walk around, have lunch, ride back and we still had time to go out to dinner that night.”





So they took the plunge. It was a blue Charge City for Scott and a silver one for Emily. They haven’t looked back since. “We knew owning e-bikes would be fun, but we had no idea they’d be this fun,” Scott says. “And we love every ride we’ve done. We’re always super happy, and we always tell each other how great these e-bikes are.”




Emily says it has given them more motivation to go out biking together and expands their possibilities. “The e-bikes let us go a little bit faster, a little bit further and go places we wouldn’t have seen otherwise,” E mily says. “I smile all the time when I'm riding my e-bike because it’s a thrill. It’s thrilling.”





When they started shopping for e-bikes, they knew they didn’t want anything too thrilling though, like a motorbike. They did a lot of research and knew they wanted a regular bike experience with a bit of extra power and speed and a strong battery range. When they compared Charge e-bikes with other models on the market, they knew they’d found their match. “The Charge e-bikes fit our needs perfectly,” Emily says. “We can travel twice as far, get a good workout and arrive sweat-free at our destination. These bikes are perfect for us in many areas: Comfort, price point, FUN and weight.”




The only thing missing for the couple? More e-bike riders in their life. “When I’m on my Charge bike, I always wish I could have one of my sisters here because I know she would feel that same thrill,” Emily says. “ My best friend would. Other couples would feel that same thrill. And if they were on regular bikes we would be leaving them in our dust. I really want more people to get e-bikes so we can ride together.”



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