Meet Kathy: Conquering the Hills One at a Time on Her Charge E-Bike

Hills can be intimidating, and Cathy used to do anything she could do to avoid them. Then she got a Charge City e-bike, and now she leaves the hills in her dust. “I used to ride a bike and stay on all flat ground because my legs were killing me trying to get up a hill even with the gears and everything,” she says. “But with the Charge e-bike with pedal assist, I’m not afraid of any hill. I’ll take the biggest hill you put in front of me, and I’ll climb it. And I have never gotten off to push it.”





Cathy rides her bike several times a week to get groceries, run errands and just for fun. She rides it so much that her dog started to miss her. The solution—she attached a dog trailer to her e-bike, and now he rides with her! She loves riding her Charge e-bike so much, sometimes she has trouble stopping. 





“Sometimes I just ride past my house to keep going because I don’t want to stop.” She says she looked at lots of e-bikes before purchasing one, and it was the features Charge offered that made her decision simple. “After lots of research on e-bikes I felt the City was the best value,” She says. “The way the handlebars turned to the side, the light weight, the removable battery. Every time I get on the bike, I wonder how I lived without it!!”





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