Meet Krystian: Riding Through Life With Her Family on Charge E-bikes 


While some families with young children shuttle their kids around in minivans or sedans, Krystian straps hers into a seat on the back of her Charge e-bike and hits the road.The mom of two boys takes them to preschool, to run errands and to explore their new neighborhood, all aboard her Charge e-bike.



Krystian, whose wife Kate rides her Charge e-bike to commute to work, says their family’s e-bikes make the day-to-day more fun, efficient and practical. 


“Sometimes living in the city, traffic can be a little crazy, so we choose to ride our Charge bikes to the grocery often because it saves us time and gas, which is super precious right now,” Krystian says. “Often on the weekends we want to get out and explore but we don’t want to hop in the car. We just want to load up on our bikes and enjoy the amazing sunshine and fresh air that we get and explore our beautiful city.”



While there were many different e-bikes on the market to choose from, Krystian says she was drawn to Charge’s mission. 


“What resonates with me most about the Charge brand mission is that they are here to uplift and empower women and actually put women in charge. I think the name is really cool in how those correspond together. It’s actually really special.


Her advice to others thinking about purchasing a Charge e-bike: Go for it.




 “You won’t regret a single thing about it. We’ve loved it for every adventure that we have taken. Whether you want to ride for a long time or a short period of time,  it’s just going to back you in any way you need it.”