Meet Shasta: Professional golfer and Charge e-bike rider


Shasta Averyhardt spends a lot of hitting the links. But when the professional golfer wants to relax and unwind, she hits the road on her Charge e-bike. “My favorite place to ride is this lake that’s around the corner from my place,” she says. “It’s very peaceful, relaxed and serene. I really need that decompression. I need to be in an environment where I can just let go, be myself and not feel any pressures or extra responsibilities.”

 Meet Shasta Averyhardt


On her first ride, she says she was a bit nervous to use the throttle, but found it accelerated at the perfect speed. She loves the pedal assist, especially on long days after practice and workouts when her legs are tired. Admittedly not the biggest fan of cardio unless it’s exciting, she says her Charge e-bike is the perfect way to work it in too. Most of all, though, she says it’s the mental aspect of riding her Charge e-bike that she appreciates most.

 Meet Shasta Averyhardt


“It’s mental therapy,” Averyhardt says. “A lot of times, I use my bike in the eveting. For me that’s decompression time. I really need to get away from golf, the emails and all the things that come with being a professional golfer. For me, it’s therapy.”


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