Securing your e-bike? Easy

Best locks for electric bikes


Nobody should have to endure the heartache of having their e-bike stolen. That’s why it’s important for you to secure your Charge Bike whenever it’s out of your sight. The good news is that you can dramatically reduce the likelihood of your bike getting stolen if you invest in a quality lock and adhere to a few basic rules.

Whenever you lock your bike, be sure to remove any accessories – water bottles, GPS/computer, lights, etc. – that could be easily stolen. Lock your e-bike in an area with good lighting and consistent foot traffic whenever possible. It’s also important to lock your e-bike to a rack or object that can’t be easily cut, or that your locked bike can’t be lifted over. Try to make the lock as tight as possible, so thieves don’t have room to use their tools.

For maximum security, lock your frame and both wheels. If that’s not possible, prioritize what you secure in the order of dollar value: 1) frame; 2) rear wheel; 3) front wheel.

When choosing the best lock for you, consider where you’re going to be locking your bike. The less secure the location, the more secure your lock should be. However, it’s also important to note that the most secure locks are also typically the heaviest and hardest to carry. As a result, the lock you choose should balance security with portability.

Charge Bikes offers a curated selection of locks from Kryptonite in our online store. Each is available with an optional protection program that will reimburse you in the event your bike is stolen. And while the lock cost may be higher with the protection program, it can provide additional peace of mind.

Best ebike locks

Register your bike

It’s also important to register your e-bike to make it easily identifiable as yours. is the leading bicycle and e-bike registry, and it can be a valuable tool if your bike is ever stolen. Also, register your Charge e-bike with Charge Bikes, as it activates your warranty in addition to establishing you as the legitimate owner. All you need is your bike’s serial number and the date of purchase and you’re good to go.

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