Storing your e-bike? Easy

Buying an e-bike
Your Charge e-bike was designed to be super easy to store, even in tight spaces. This is thanks to the tools-free folding handlebar and folding pedals, which narrow the bike significantly.

If you’re pressed for space to store your bike, take a look at wall-mounted e-bike storage solutions. Available in a wide range of styles, from simple screw-in hooks, to posts and full racks, wall-mounted solutions can considerably reduce the footprint of your e-bike when in storage.

Best e-bike car rack
Transporting your Charge e-bike in a car, truck or van is relatively similar to a traditional bike, however precautions must be taken due to the increased weight of an e-bike.

If you’re planning to transport your e-bike frequently, it’s worth investing in a quality hitch-mounted rack. Thule, 1Up USA, and Yakima are examples of quality rack brands with models capable of carrying multiple e-bikes at once. Some even have integrated locks, so it’s easy to increase security by locking the bike to the rack.

If a hitch and rack aren’t what you want to do, or you simply aren’t planning to carry your bike in a car often, it is possible to fit your Charge e-bike into most cars or SUVs. Depending on the space you have available, you may need to remove one or both wheels, lower the saddle, and fold the handlebar and pedals. Always lay your bike on the left side, so the chain and drivetrain are up and away from the car interior. You can also use old blankets, sheets or towels to further protect the car interior.

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