Easy e-bike basics

comfortable ebike rides

The experience of riding an electric bike is just like riding a traditional bike, only better. An e-bike provides proportional assist based on the amount of effort you’re putting into the pedals and the the assist mode you’re in, so you’re always fully in control. The motorized assist simply makes it easier to pedal, so you can go farther, faster, with less effort.

In addition to the powered assist, Charge e-bikes have easy to use manual shifting systems that enable you to shift gears just as you would on a regular bike. Remember, the lower the number, the easier it is to pedal. Always shift while pedaling forward but avoid shifting during full-power efforts.

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ebike braking tips

Braking on an e-bike is similar to a traditional bike as well. The left lever operates the front brake, while the right lever operates the rear. A balance of front and rear braking provides the most controllable stopping power in dry conditions, but the front brake should be used with caution in situations where less traction is available. Familiarize yourself with the operation of the brakes at low speed, in a familiar environment.

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