Finding the Best Electric Bike for Men

When we first started Charge in 2004, we were determined to make cycling easier and produced an assortment of well-priced, durable bikes that were also a lot of fun to ride. After observing and listening to customers about the challenges and issues that prevented them from riding bikes more, we set out to create the perfect electric bike. Nearly two decades later, we’re proud to have created an even better and more accessible bike by removing many of the common barriers to cycling. With an electric motor, suddenly hills aren’t a problem, and you can cruise effortlessly to work without needing a shower or change of clothes. Whether you’re a city fella, suburban guy, or off-road dude, there’s a Charge electric bike for you.


If the idea of a sweaty dress shirt has ever made you think twice about commuting to the office, then the City Electric Bike is for you. With pedal assist with a push-button throttle, puncture-resistant tires, and built-in front and rear lights, you can get around town faster and easier—and without any of the fuss or fatigue associated with traditional cycling. Made for urban life, the City e-bike features folding handlebars and a lightweight design, so it’s easy to store even in tight spaces (aka, when your apartment is also your bike garage). Available with either a low-step or standard frame, the City is efficient outdoors, compact indoors.


All work and no play is never fun, and the Comfort Electric Bike is the perfect choice for guys looking for both ease and activity; think of it as the driving range of electric bikes! Its front suspension fork ensures a comfortable ride on all surfaces, and the low-step frame makes it easy to get on and off. Our best-ever seat and bump-proof shocks bring relaxation to every ride, and the easy-to-use thumb throttle puts you in total control of how much you want to pedal—if at all! And with four cool colors to choose from, you can customize your Comfort.


When it’s time for an adventure, the XC Electric Bike lets you take on any terrain. Rugged enough for trails and gravel, the XC features a mid-drive motor that can flatten steep hills, and its fat Goodyear tires and tough shocks keep you comfortable for the long haul. With quick fold-flat handlebars and folding pedals, you can bring your cross-country electric bike wherever the road takes you. Plus, the XC is available in two sizes (small and large), so you can find the right fit.


From the makers of Cannondale and Schwinn, all Charge electric bikes provide a smooth and exhilarating ride with less fatigue and come equipped with these premium features:


Ready to ride? Every Charge electric bike ships nearly fully assembled in 100% recyclable packaging, so you can hit the road in under 10 minutes. To learn more about which model would be best for your lifestyle, test ride a Charge bike or get in touch with a team member today.