More Power to You: Cornelius Lopez

Every morning 81-year-old Cornelius Lopez hops on his bike and pedals four miles to his job as a middle school math teacher. No matter the weather, Lopez leaves the house promptly at 7 a.m. on his bike as he makes his way to the school.


It was his wife’s caregiver, Monica Dally, who witnessed his dedication over the years. When she saw our More Power to You promotion, Dally knew she had to nominate Cornelius.



Charge E-Bikes More Power to You


You see, it’s not just his commitment to biking that impressed Dally. It was also his commitment to his wife, Tish, who had dementia. She suffered from the disease for more than 11 years, and Cornelius worked tirelessly to pay for the care she needed at home. Seeing how much Cornelius sacrificed and the joy biking brings him, Dally knew he’d love one of our e-bikes. She also knew it was something he’d never purchase for himself since his monthly paychecks always went to his wife’s care.


“He owns a car and a truck, but biking is his choice of  transportation,” Daily wrote. “I suppose this is a time for him to not only get some exercise, but also a time for him to clear his mind.”


Charge E-Bike More Power to You  

Dally went on to say that his loyalty to his wife was like none she’s seen before. 


“Please, with serious thought, consider this wonderful man as the recipient for this fantastic gift,” she wrote. “I would love to see him enjoying an electric  bike each morning to start his day.”


When we read his story, we knew we needed to make it happen, and we’re thrilled to announce that Cornelius is the first winner of our More Power to You promotion. He received our Charge City e-bike, which is a perfect bike for making his 8-mile round trip trek each day. With pedal assist and a push-button throttle, he can get a boost when he needs it, and the lightweight design and folding handlebars make it easy to store


Charge E-Bikes More Power to You


Sadly, Tish recently passed away, but Cornelius still finds joy in biking, Dally says he loves his new e-bike and reports that it’s taking about 25 minutes off his commute to school each way.


Cornelius is a perfect example of someone facing an uphill ride that we can help make a little easier, which is the purpose of the More Power to You program. We can’t always coast through life, but on Charge e-bikes you always have the option for your rides.


Charge Bikes More Power to You


To nominate yourself or someone else to receive a free Charge e-bike, submit a story online. Tell us a bit about how a Charge e-bike could make your story or that of some else a bit easier. We want to help those who need it most to power through.