More Power to You

Empowering those in the midst of an uphill ride

More Power to You

Empowering those in the midst of an uphill ride

Nominate Someone To Win a Charge Electric Bike

We believe everything about buying and owning an e-bike should be easy —and that riding one should make people’s lives easier.

So whether you’re experiencing an uphill battle yourself or know someone* who is, tell us about that experience of struggle and perseverance, and how the power of a Charge electric bike would make getting through the highs and lows of that journey easier.

We’ll be supporting our mission of making people’s lives easier, more enjoyable, and making them feel more empowered by donating a Charge electric bike to one recipient in the United States and sharing their inspiring and diverse story.


I love my city bike! I ride everywhere! I used to avoid riding my regular bike because I had trouble just getting up the small hills around my own neighborhood.

- Mary | Verified Purchaser

Ride Easier with Charge Electric Bikes

What we’re gifting: The City electric bike

The City is an electric bike that brings ease to urban life and has been voted 'Best e-bike of 2021' by Bicycling Magazine, CNET, and Tom's Guide. It's easy to store compactly with folding handlebars and a lightweight design. It has a long 50 mile range, pedal assist and a push-button throttle, built-in lights, and tough Goodyear tires. Available with a low or standard frame and in a range of electrifying colors, it's never been easier to get into biking.