More Power to You: Debra Caruso Marrone

Like many people, Debra, 61, found herself packing on the pounds during the pandemic. When she realized her weight had reached an all-time high, she decided to do something about it and turned to an activity that she’s loved since she was a child—biking.

The only problem was the hilly terrain in her North Shore Long Island neighborhood proved intimidating and taxing. That’s when her loving husband, Mike (more on him later), came up with a fantastic solution to help her achieve her fitness goals, hills and all—a Charge electric bike.

Mike surprised Debra with a Charge e-bike, and her life hasn’t been the same since. Now more active than ever, she has embraced the freedom and fitness e-bikes offer and is reaping the rewards.

“So far, I have lost about 50 pounds, and I'm down two sizes,” Debra says. “I feel great, but the best part is that I love going out for my rides every day. I love being out breathing the sea air, taking in the sights and enjoying the outdoors. It's funny that my car sits idle most days because I also bike to work.”

The difference a motor makes

Debra says without the electric bike she’d never be as consistent with exercise as she is or cover the distance she does. Since she got the bike last Spring, she has ridden almost every day, weather permitting, traversing all the hills of Glen Cove, Oyster Bay, Roslyn, Port Washington and Bayville where there’s gorgeous, waterfront scenery. She says she rides from town to town—some days up to 25 miles—taking it all in.

“The Charge bike has been fantastic. I've been able to ride longer distances than I ever did on a conventional bike. I can take hills and go on beautiful, scenic rides without having to worry that I'm too far from home or that there’s a great big hill between me and getting back to my house.”

She says while some might think an electric bike wouldn’t help you burn calories, that’s not the case. Because even though you may not be pedaling as hard, you're constantly pedaling and able to go faster, further and stay out longer. She says the feeling and freedom she gets from riding her e-bike is like nothing else.

“I really love the Charge bike. It gives me the opportunity to be out there. I almost feel like a kid again. I’m able to go fast. I’m able to take on hills. I‘m able to go distances at a decent speed while still exercising. It’s really a lot of fun.”

Spreading the love

Debra loves her Charge e-bike so much that she nominated her husband Mike for a free e-bike through our More Power to You promotion. Afterall, what better way to continue riding toward health goals than with the one you love?

“I think he would enjoy and benefit from having a Charge bike as well,” she wrote in her application. “And, I sure would love his company as I go out on my rides.”

We loved the thought of them riding together and, with Valentine’s Day approaching, made Mike our latest winner. Now, they’re loving hitting the road on the regular, both individually as they go about their own daily lives and together on weekends for fun. A true love story!

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