Selecting The Best Electric Bike for Adults

We’ve all heard the saying, “it’s like riding a bike,” and here at Charge, we’re obsessed with making innovative, high-quality, electric bikes that are both easy and fun to ride. Selecting the best electric bike should be as easy as riding one, and with three affordable and reliable models to choose from, you can find the one that fits your lifestyle and cycling needs. From city streets to rugged terrain to everywhere in between, Charge electric bikes provide a smooth and exhilarating ride with less fatigue to get you wherever you’re going. From the makers of Cannondale and Schwinn, our electric bikes are bringing the freedom and enjoyment of cycling to more people than ever before with these premium features that come standard across all models.

What should you look for when buying an electric bike?

  • Powerful motor that provides electric assist (up to 20 MPH) as you pedal, making your ride as easeful as you like with 5 levels of assist – or totally effortless!
  • Up to 50-mile range—all on a single charge. Plus, the handlebar display always lets you know how much farther you can push it.
  • Easy to store with folding handlebars and pedals that can be adjusted in seconds, so your bike takes up less space.
  • Safe and visible: ride with ease knowing high-powered, built-in front and rear lights and reflective tire walls have your back.
  • Green means go! Smart air pressure sensors fitted on puncture-resistant tires take out the guesswork: when the cap shows green, you're good to go!
  • Rugged rack: built-in racks make it easy to attach baskets, crates or bins to bring along your daily essentials, no matter where you’re headed.

Ready to start pedaling? Here’s what to consider when selecting the best Charge electric bike for your lifestyle.

Best Electric Bike For the Commuter: City Electric Bike

Take the fuss and fatigue (and sweat!) out of biking to work, running errands, and getting around town with our City Electric Bike. Made for urban life, its folding handlebars and lightweight design make it easy to store. But don’t let the slim profile fool you. With tough Goodyear tires, pedal assist with a push-button throttle, and built-in lights, the City e-bike was expertly designed for city living and commuting.

Best Electric Bike For the Joyrider: Comfort Electric Bike

Smooth and steady more your speed? The Comfort is an everyday electric bike that makes it easy to get around, and it lives up to its name by keeping your posture upright and relaxed on even the hilliest of rides. Featuring a low-step frame that's easy to hop on and off, our best-ever comfy seat, and bump-proof shocks, you’ll want to take the long way home every time. Plus, the easy-to-use thumb throttle lets you choose between five levels of pedal assist, so you’re in complete control of how much you want to pedal—or if you want to pedal at all!

Best Electric Bike For the Adventurer: XC Electric Bike

To really get adventurous, our rugged cross-country bike is equipped with big, grippy, fat tires, tough shocks, and a Shimano motor to flatten the rough stuff. Easily packed away, the XC e-bike is your passport to adventure.

With nearly two decades of experience crafting durable bikes that are easy to own and ride, and that make your life easier, we’re committed to bringing the love of cycling to more people than ever before. Still not sure which electric bike is right for you? Test ride a Charge bike or get in touch with a team member today—we’re here for you!