Using the display? Easy

E-bike controller


From a control standpoint, the handlebar-mounted display and controller is the single biggest difference between your Charge e-bike and a traditional bike. The display gives you important ride data including speed and miles to go, as well as assist level, miles to go and battery charge status. You can also change the assist level, use the horn, or engage the walk assist mode.

City & Comfort

e-bike tips
1. Increase power
2. On/Off/Mode
3. Decrease power
4. Current power
5. Speed
6. Battery
7. Horn
8. Throttle

Want to learn more? Watch video - City & Comfort - Operating the electric assist.


Using an ebikes
1. Increase power / Toggle menu
2. Menu access
3. Decrease power / Toggle menu
4. On/Off
5. Battery
6. Current power mode
7. Shifting advice
8. Speed

Want to learn more? Watch video - XC - Operating the electric assist.