Finding the Best Electric Bike for Kids

Learning to ride a bike is a rite of passage for kids… and an emotional ride for parents. Sure, you’re proud of your kid, but it also starts a roll into newfound adventures, freedom and independence that seems to accelerate all too quickly. One minute they’re tottering on training wheels, and the next they’re backing down the driveway in a car. 

Once your child reaches middle school, chances are he or she is going out for longer rides, meeting up with friends at a nearby park or playground, and may be ready for an electric bike. Tired of shuffling your kids around from activity to activity? 

Not only does an e-bike let them get around faster and easier, but it also offers you—the parent or caregiver—another mode of transportation. Plus, it’s a perfect step to take before your child starts driving, as they’ll be able to demonstrate responsibility and road safety prior to getting behind a wheel. 

An electric bike offers an excellent option to help make the transition a bit smoother all around. 

Electric Bike Advantages

An e-bike gives kids freedom and the ability to get more places more quickly. It provides an opportunity for them to prove responsibility and practice road safety before they get behind a wheel, and it gives mom and dad a break from some of that chauffeuring duty. Not only that, but electric bikes are so fun, easy and efficient to ride, kids may not even be in a hurry to drive a car. 

The learning curve to ride an e-bike is practically nonexistent. The experience is just like riding a regular bike, but better. The difference is that an electric bike is equipped with a motor that allows the rider to choose how much effort they want to put into their ride (if any). With pedal assist, they can make their ride as easy or as challenging as they like, and some e-bikes feature throttles too, which allow them to coast completely. 

Our e-bikes also have easy-to-use, manual shifting systems that let them change gears just as they would on a regular, pedal bike.

Whether they’re riding to school, running errands for you or head out to meet friends, an e-bike gives them the power to get where they’re going on their own terms (with their parents’ permission, of course). 

How to Choose an Electric Bike

Here at Charge, we’re committed to making reliable and affordable electric bikes for menwomen and kids alike. From the makers of Cannondale and Schwinn, we offer three models—one for every speed and style, but not so many options it’s overwhelming. 

If you’re considering an electric bike for your child, there are some key features you’ll want to look for, which include: 

✹ Safety and visibility: Charge e-bikes feature high-powered, integrated front and rear lights and reflective tire walls, so you can rest easy every time they go out for a spin. Puncture-resistant Goodyear tires offer unsurpassed all-weather traction and robust flat protection, and with smart air pressure sensors, they’ll always know when they’re ready to ride. 
✹ Power: Our bikes feature powerful motors to help kids power up hills and tackle varying terrain. They can go up to 50 miles on a single charge, and easily recharge the battery wherever there’s power.
 Information: You don’t have to worry about them losing power mid-ride either. handlebar display keeps them in control thanks to its intelligent battery-capacity indication, real-time speed indication and power-assist level indication.
 Quality and convenience: Though college may feel like a long way off, you want bike designed to last and one that offers the flexibility to go wherever their road may lead. For example, our bikes feature folding handlebars and pedals that can be adjusted in seconds to easily transport and store the bike. Built-in racks make it easy to attach baskets, crates or bins so they can transport backpacks, sports equipment, packages or whatever they need to take along on their journeys. 

Which E-bike is Best for my Kid?

When it comes to selecting the best e-bike for your child, consider their specific lifestyle and needs. 

For the go-with-the-flow kid, an everyday electric bike like the Charge Comfort makes it easy to get around. The Comfort lives up to its name by keeping the rider’s posture upright and relaxed. It features a low-step frame, which makes it easy to get on and off the bike, our most comfy seat and bump-proof shocks. It’s also equipped with an easy-to-use thumb throttle so they can pedal when they want and coast when they don't.

For the city (or suburban) slicker, you want an electric bike that lets them travel effortlessly across town and is easy to store—even in tight spaces like a dorm room—like our City Electric Bike. It has tough Goodyear tires, pedal assist, a push-button throttle and built-in lights that make it perfect for city living. It’s also available with a low-step frame for even more comfort and ease. 

For the thrill seeker, electric mountain bikes are a great choice for both on and off the road. Our Charge XC is our most rugged bike, ready for off-road adventures. It’s equipped with big, grippy, fat tires, tough shocks and a mid-drive motor to flatten out

the rough stuff. When it’s time to hit the city streets again, it’s ready to go there as well.

With nearly two decades of experience crafting durable bikes, our team at Charge is committed to making reliable and affordable electric bikes for the entire family. Our mission is to make biking easier, more enjoyable and more accessible for everyone—kids included—one ride at a time. 

Learn more about which Charge electric bicycle may be right for your child by scheduling a test ride or chatting with a team member.


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