To Anyone Facing an Uphill Battle, We Say More Power to You. 

At Charge, we design bikes to provide an easier and more enjoyable way to ride through the hills and valleys of life. We want to move you… in every way. 
We know, however, that sometimes those hills can loom large and even feel unsurmountable. Sometimes you need an extra boost to power through and keep going. 

That’s why we started the More Power to You program. Through it, we give away free Charge e-bikes to people who are facing uphill battles in life and those who are inspiring others with their perseverance. We want to make their journeys a little easier and help them enjoy little moments along the way, no matter how difficult the road they’re on.  

Past winners include an 81-year-old math teacher who biked miles each day to work while caring for sick wife. Another recent winner helped his wife find fitness and lose more than 50 pounds. 

Finding joy in the little moments along the way is what we’re all about, and recognizing and sharing these inspirational stories is one way we can spread more joy. We can’t give free bikes to everyone, but through this program we’re doing what we can to make a difference, one ride at a time. 

Nominating someone is simple. Just fill out the More Power to You application form online. Tell us why they (or you) deserve a Charge e-bike and why one would help make life better. Move us with your story, and we’ll move you.