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You know the saying about tooting your own horn? Allow us to do so. (A bike horn, of course.) We’ve gotta share this good news: All three of our models have made Best Of lists for 2022. 🎉

The City is getting lots of attention, and rightly so. Tom’s Guide calls Charge City the “Best Electric Bike for Commuters,” and Forbes agrees! It’s easy to see why. Of the bike’s many first-rate features, they cite the long-lasting rechargeable battery, convenience factors, and affordability. A Class 2 e-bike with a throttle and five levels of pedal assist, the City makes it easy to get around town. Fly by commuter traffic or zip through your errands, and stay energized while you do. And it easily fits into your day and your space: the battery comes off to charge, handlebars and pedals fold for easier storage, and the rear rack holds nearly 40 pounds of whatever you’re carrying for cargo.  

Charge City E-Bike


As if these accolades weren’t enough, Bicycling Magazine recognized the Charge City for “Great Parts at a Great Value.” It could be the 250W Bafang Hub Drive Motor (45 Nm of torque) or the Shimano 7-speed gearing. Or maybe it’s the Goodyear puncture-resistant tires, or the lightweight but durable aluminum frame. The City is on the lighter side of e-bikes – easy to ride, carry, and store. It’s really all of these things; they add up to the bike that makes your daily commute a breeze. 

The City isn’t our only bike in the limelight. The Charge Comfort wins Best for Long Rides, according to Rolling Stone. Take one ride, and you’ll understand why. This one does so much: if your e-bike is for pleasure or leisure or exercise, or you’re getting back into cycling for the first time in a while, this is absolutely the e-bike for you. 

Charge Comfort E-Bike


See the sights, pack a picnic, take a day trip. The impressive 50-mile range of the Comfort will take you that far. The SR Suntour suspension fork makes for a smooth ride, even on slightly bumpy back roads. The powerful rear hub motor gets you up steep hills, doing the hard work for you – as much of it as you want! For more of a workout, use less of the pedal assist. With a lightweight, low-step frame, this road bike is made for your comfort. It’s also just so darn good-looking. (If we do say so ourselves.)

CNet says the Charge XC is “the e-bike that fits and goes anywhere.” We’ll take the compliment! For our electric mountain bike, this “anywhere” can be trails or thoroughfares, since it rides equally well on and off the road. This versatility is due to the hard work of sturdy parts: a Shimano E5000 250W mid-drive motor, all-terrain Goodyear Peak tires, and sturdy shocks as part of the front suspension fork to ensure good handling and an easy ride, or a ride where you choose the challenge. Easy-to-read automatic tire pressure sensors and a rack that can hold up 50 lbs make sure you don’t have to sweat the details, like, “How will I carry this?” or “Am I good to go?” Instead you can focus on gearing up for your adventure. 

Charge XC E-Bike


This is some high praise! Like what you hear and want to see for yourself? Check out our guide to choosing your e-bike. Already know which model makes sense for you? Jump right to deciding which color you’ll buy! (That might just be the hardest part.) 

Why ride an electric bike? 

You can probably tell – at Charge, we’re crazy about bikes. We came together in 2004 with a clear mission: make cycling accessible and affordable. We thought all of the barriers to entry were a bummer, so we set out to make bikes that could bring in everyone. We learned that it would be all about balance – economy and durability – and sticking to those has allowed us to produce high-quality bikes that don’t cost way too much. 

We’ve been in the biz for nearly twenty years, and what a few decades it’s been! (Think about it: we started before the smartphone was invented, before the electric car became popular, and before Gen Z was even a term, let alone the group who was setting our trends.) As with so much in that timespan, new technology has made biking even better. At Charge, we’ve harnessed that technological progress to bring even more riders to the road. 


Charge E-Bikes

We believe that electric biking is a better way to bike. Don’t get us wrong – cycling is all-around awesome, and you’ll still catch us picking a traditional, unassisted bicycle over pretty much any other mode of transportation. But if you can enhance that, why wouldn’t you? Riding an electric bike takes care of those things that might make you hesitate, or that you thought just came along with the territory. With an e-bike, you won’t use up all of your energy on the ride, so you’ll get there feeling fresher than you would on a traditional bike. Importantly, you also won’t lose the option to go hard if that’s what you’re riding for. Your choice! Like we said, fewer barriers to entry = More bikes on the road. More bikes on the road = Mission accomplished.

We also believe that electric biking is just a better way to get around, and to get further. Since all three of our models, City, Comfort, and XC, have long-range capabilities, they can pretty easily take the place of a car. You can go 50 miles (fifty!) without needing a charge, and up to 20 mph with pedal assist. If you have to travel those miles, wouldn’t you rather be out getting fresh air, and seeing more of who and what’s around you, than cooped up in the car? Seems like a no-brainer. 

We believe that electric biking is better for the environment. In the climate conversation, you hear terms like “CO2 emissions” and “carbon neutrality.” These are more than just jargon! Did you know that an e-bike is responsible for 23 times less of these harmful emissions per year than a car? And as we’ve come to know, every step of production and consumption matters, and any adjustment counts. We ship our bikes in 100% paper cardboard, making packaging fully recyclable. Those seemingly small swaps add up, not least in terms of saved landfill space. It also doesn’t hurt that our packaging makes the bike so easy to assemble: less than 10 minutes until your first ride. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that all bikes (and all orders over $49) are shipped free. Saved money, saved energy (in more ways than one!) and saved time. 

So a lot has changed since we started, but our love of bikes and belief that everyone should ride? Those remain steady. 

It makes sense to e-bike – especially now. 

Speaking of rapid progress and new challenges, the last few years have brought lots of change and lots to endure, and for many of us, that has meant resetting. We’ve recommitted to keeping ourselves healthy and connected – to each other, to nature, to what matters. As it turns out, these things go hand in hand; health has become a priority, for each of us and all of us, and something we don’t take for granted. 

To get and stay healthy, an e-bike is a good investment. As part of an active life, an e-bike can bring you outside and help get you moving. It can also help get you to the people you want to spend time with, and even bring you into a community of cyclists who love to ride. For all of these reasons and more, you’ll be taking care of your physical and mental wellbeing, and this is no small thing. 


Charge Fitness E-Bike

Like we said, shopping for an electric bicycle is an investment, and we make this doable in these challenging times. Our commitment to making high-quality bikes at affordable prices stands out now more than over. Not only will you invest in your health, that investment will make sound financial sense, too. (It’ll feel great to ditch rising gas prices! ✌)

Very good questions. Very easy answers. 

What if I haven’t ridden in a while? That’s a-okay. Any of our bikes can help you get back on the road because we design for you. Things are simple, friendly, and convenient – a good bike doesn’t need confusing bells and showy whistles. From the build (sleek, sturdy frame and parts) to the tech (easy-to-charge battery and easy-to-read display), we’ve made our bikes so, well, rideable. Some incredibly easy setup, a few spins, and you’ll be good to go. Unless you’re riding for commuting or off-roading, we might recommend the Comfort as a, well, comfortable way to get back into the swing of things. 

Will I be in control? Yes, you will! First, it’s worth mentioning, you can’t go faster than laws allow. Like, the bike won’t let you. Electric bikes adhere to industry and legal standards for safety’s sake, so speed limits are built into their DNA. 

Our bikes are Class 1 and Class 2, meaning that their speed limits are 20 mph. The main difference in this area between the XC electric mountain bike and its road-bike counterparts, City and Comfort, is that the pedal assist on the XC works when you’re pedaling (Class 1), and the throttle on the other two allows you to get power assist even when you’re not contributing with your own pedaling (Class 2). These are made smartly for their surroundings and terrains. 

Our bikes also come with safety features, like lights and an integrated horn, so you can see what’s around you and communicate with others and the road. It’s also worth mentioning: we still definitely recommend your own safety measures, like wearing a helmet and staying mindful of your surroundings. That just makes good sense! 

What about the thrill? Don’t let this staid talk of safety features stifle your sense of adventure! Whether you’re riding the XC, seeking out steep hills and topsy-turvy terrain, or on urban or open roads with the City or Comfort, the ride is just downright fun. You’re comfortable and in control, so you don’t have to devote too much brainspace to nagging or distracting things. The result is an easy, fun, and – if you want it – adventurous experience! 

Let’s get back to the practical. How about work? Won’t I show up exhausted and disheveled? This is the beauty of commuting by e-bike. (See above: We believe that electric biking is a better way to bike.) Bikes equipped with a throttle allow you to ride without pedaling. You can go up to 20 mph, so in a bike lane, you’ll cruise by stopped cars and buses, but the bike will be doing a lot of the work. There’s an ease to electric biking; you’re not exerting as much energy as you would on an unassisted bike, so to anyone none the wiser, it’ll seem like you rode the bus or drove your car. So you’ll show up to the office/school/store/farm/warehouse/bar/wherever you do your job just how you want to. No matter what work looks like for you, you’ll look (and feel) ready for work. 

Can I still get exercise out of a ride? Absolutely. You can ride your bike without power assist, and it’ll ride just like the bike you learned to ride on. (Well, maybe without the third wheel and the handlebar streamers.) You can do this for more than nostalgia’s sake, though; fitness is a big reason why folks ride our bikes. An e-bike can help you integrate exercise right into your life, too. Bring your workout clothes to work and treat your commute home like a spin class. Check! 

What else? Erranding, shopping, touring, delivering, sightseeing, visiting, bringing, exploring, roaming, ambling, cruising, joy-riding – whatever-ing! What “-ings” can you find for your Charge e-bike to “-ing”? 


Charge Comfort E-Bike

Which e-Bike is right for me? 

On our site you’ll find photos, diagrams, descriptions, and specs for each of our models: The City, The Comfort, and The XC. You can peruse, daydream, and get your questions answered. And if you’re ready to buy, you can do that right here

If you need more info, have a specific question, or just want to talk to a pro, consult us! We can take your call, exchange messages over chat, or look into something and get back to you. Before and after buying your bike, we have a reliable help center – we might have answered your question before you even knew you had it.

Nothing beats hopping on a bike and giving it a spin, though. Go for a test ride with a local retailer – find yours here

So, Why Ride With Charge?

Well, all of the above. We’re committed to innovating. We’re committed to including everyone. We’re committed to our shared future. We make electric bikes for your lifestyle, not the other way around.

 Charge Electric Bikes